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Coderbits is joining [topcoder]

Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2014

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We are excited to share the news that coderbits will be joining [topcoder]!

When we started coderbits two years ago, our mission was to create reliable, accurate, and automatically updated portfolios for software developers and designers. Along the way, it grew into a vibrant community of developers, sharing and growing together while working towards exciting opportunities.

What many of you may not know is that coderbits was a side project for us. We carved out what little free time we could to build what you see today, but always wanted to do much more. With this move, we will now be part of a larger community that puts developers and designers at the center of things and is willing to commit the resources to grow and morph into something even bigger. [topcoder] is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected communities around and we couldn’t be more excited about the combination.

We would like to thank everyone for his or her support of coderbits. Your use, support, and ideas have helped shape it into what it is today. We look forward to this next part of our journey with coderbits, [topcoder], and you.

Don’t worry, no monkeys were harmed in the making of this partnership; Bit Munkey is sticking with the team.

You can learn more about this acquisition and [topcoder] here.

Thanks for being a part of coderbits.

Scott Smith and Thabo Fletcher

Coderbits for Employers, Educators, and Businesses

Posted on Monday, January 20th, 2014

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We are excited to introduce Opportunities. Opportunities are the latest feature for coderbits that enable employers, educators, and businesses to reach the rich talent pool within coderbits. There are 4 types of opportunities: Jobs, Competitions, Education, and Open Source. If you would like to learn more and get started, Take the Tour or View our Plans and Pricing.

Limited Time Special

As a thank you to all our members and to celebrate this release, we are offering a lifetime 50% discount on any plan. This means that any plan you subscribe to by February 7th, 2014 will be half the current price forever (or until you cancel). SUBSCRIBE NOW

Job Opportunities

Looking to hire a new developer? Have a project you need assitance with? Look no further. Our job opportunity system allows you not only post your job, but to have it delivered to qualified candidates using our advanced targeting system.

Competition Opportunities

Competition opportunities are primarily geared towards coding challenges for fun, experience, or profit. They can also be used for events such as hackathons and are not necessarily tied to being online only.

Education Opportunities

Want to find new students to enroll in your course, online school, training videos, or bootcamp? We have you covered. Education opportunities allow you to reach students looking to learn the technologies you provide based on their identified interests.

Open Source Opportunities

Our 100% free opportunity offering is for open source projects seeking help from the developer community without compensation. These usually tend to be projects looking for others to join as contributors by fixing bugs and implementing features.

Update Credit Price Reduction

We reduced the pricing of update credits for those who wish to be able to update their portfolio anytime they want. The new prices are: 1 for $1 (no change), 10 for $5, and 25 for $10. You can Purchase Creditson your dashboard. For those that purchased credits previously, we will be granting some extra credits as a thank you.

Resume, CV, and Availability

We added the ability for you to upload or link to a resume in order to enhance your portfolio. You can also mark yourself as available for hire which will add a badge to your portfolio. These new items can be added in the Profile Builder.

Weekly Update Emails

We have switched from daily update emails to weekly update emails. Nobody likes to get a ton of email so we switched in order to provide useful information while reducing the noise! As always, you can control which emails you receive in your Account Settings.

Ready To Get Started?

There are a few ways to get started with Opportunities: Take the Tour to learn about the benefits and detailed features, View our Plans and Pricing to see your options, or Subscribe to a Plan and share your jobs, competitions, and more.

Thanks for being a part of coderbits.

Bit Munkey and the whole team over here at coderbits

Codealike now integrated in coderbits

Posted on Friday, November 22nd, 2013

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For all you Visual Studio developers, we have some great news! Codealike, the powerful metric system for high performance developers is now supported in coderbits. Codealike is a plugin for Visual Studio that hooks into the technology you use everyday to provide quality metrics.


This integration brings 2 new badges: Dedicated and Phoenix. Even better, it provides detailed verified skills for your portfolio based on the languages, frameworks, environments, and tools you use when developing with Visual Studio.

Your code has a story to tell

See your timeline and review how you found a solution. Use this Codealike feature to reveal the DNA of your work.


Learn about your habits

Isn’t it curious that you have clocks everywhere but you cannot tell exactly how much time you spend coding? That won’t happen to you anymore, Codealike will show you the amount of time when coding, debugging, building…


The way you work has a pattern

Coding is an art you practice every day. Your coding pattern tells a lot about how you work. Are you a debugger or a coding-oriented developer?


Technology matters

The time you spend coding in each technology tells a lot about you. Do you know what technologies do you use the most? Positive?


How to get it?

Simple head over to to create your account and install the plugin in Visual Studio. After that, it takes care of the rest. Oh, and don’t forget to link to your Codealike account on coderbits as well!

Happy Coding Everyone!

Arduino developers rejoice, codebender integrated in coderbits

Posted on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

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Coderbits newest integration is codebender.

With codebender, Arduino users are provided an online development and collaboration platform.


Awesome editor, fast cloud-based compiler, helpful error reporting. Code faster and easier.


Connect your Arduino via USB, or program your Arduino Ethernet remotely over the network.


Share your work, search for existing projects and clone them, or collaborate with others.

With this integration comes skill verification in the area of Arduino development, a new badge, and snippets to show off the code you develop.

Create your codebender account and add it to your profile.

New site added: Looking for Pull Requests

Posted on Monday, September 16th, 2013

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Looking for Pull Requests, developed by Fernando, is a site focused on making it easy for you to find open source projects for you to contribute to and find people to help you with your projects as well.

With this integration comes a new badge called Humanitarian as well as additional skills on your profile.

Teams, enhanced posts, and more

Posted on Thursday, September 12th, 2013

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We are pleased to announce some new and exciting updates to coderbits.


Teams can now be created and managed by you. Teams provide access to member activity, ability to promote your team, startup, or business, and the chance to take the top slot in the leaderboard.


Social sharing

We added many new ways to quickly and easily share posts on the social media sites you use. Posts can be shared on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Geeklist.

Featured posts

When creating posts, you will be given the option to have your post featured across the coderbits site. Featured posts stand out with a label and are showcased throughout the site. Get the attention you want and need for your posts.


Full markdown is now supported in posts and post comments. We have provided links in each area where markdown is supported so you can easily reference the syntax. If you do not know markdown, you can continue creating posts as before. Plain text is valid markdown and will be rendered properly.


When creating posts and post comments, you can now @mention users by typing @ followed by their name or username. After 2 characters are entered, we will provide a list of matching users to aid in selection of the correct user. This feature will also trigger notifications to the mentioned users that also have the notification enabled.


With the addition of markdown, code can now be shared in posts. We have a new type of post category called Code for this very purpose.


There are now many ways to filter the list of posts:

  1. Featured posts
  2. Your posts
  3. Posts you have liked
  4. Posts you have commented on
  5. By tag
  6. By coder
  7. By search string

RSS feeds

Two new RSS feeds have been added for posts and post comments.

New notifications

We have two new email notifications that allow you to be informed when you are mentioned in a post or post comment and when someone comments on a post you had previously commented on.


When creating posts you can now preview your post before submitting it. This is even more helpful now with the support of markdown.

Profile update credits

To provide a great experience for new users, we perform profile updating automatically when accounts are linked. From that point forward, we update profiles automatically on a schedule.

For those wishing to not wait for their next scheduled update, we have provided an option for purchasing update credits that can be used to force a full update of your profile.

When using this method, your next scheduled automatic update will not be affected.

Credits can be purchased in one of three ways:

  • 1 credit for $1.00
  • 10 credits for $9.00 (10% discount)
  • 20 credits for $16.00 (20% discount)

Lots more

Along with these major changes, we have updated the UI to give it a cleaner look, added performance and scalability features, and tuned our aggregation engine.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

New site added to coderbits - Codeivate

Posted on Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Coderbits is excited to announce our latest addition to supported sites: Codeivate. 

An easy to install Sublime Text Editor plugin that passively records statistics as you code that provides you with personal analytics, industry insight, and allows you to compete with others.

The Codeivate plugin records data as you code, for privacy reasons it does not record filenames or individual keystrokes. After entering your authentication details, it will store and process data on their website.

Coderbits integration includes a new badge (Trooper) based on how much time you work along with language and environment skill detection.

Sign up here:

Coder Battle

Posted on Monday, July 22nd, 2013

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Battle your fellow coders! Coder Battle is the result 12 hours of work, beer, and socializing during a local hackathon. It is a fun and casual way to measure yourself up against your friends and colleagues on coderbits.

Is anyone there?

Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2013

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It has been a bit quiet around here for the past month. We wanted to let you all know that we are not sitting idle. We have some great features in the works we think you will all love.

So stayed tuned…

Coderbits graduates!

Posted on Sunday, May 26th, 2013

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The time has come for us to graduate coderbits from beta to full public release. What does this mean to you? Actually not much. We still plan to iterate quickly by adding new features, site integrations, and more. We are just opening up the service to everyone.

The invitation system will stay in place so feel free to continue inviting your friends and colleagues to join coderbits. You will be credited for those you invite to join.

For those that have been away for a while. We would like to invite you back to see all the changes, additions, and community here at coderbits. We currently have 63 site integrations, 9 areas of portfolio categorization, finely tuned skill system, 600+ badges, and much more.

Finally we want to thank all of you for trying out coderbits during the beta and providing so much valuable feedback. It has come a long ways since we added our first 10 beta users back in September!

Bit and the whole team here at coderbits!